Li Lei, PSPP Grad

Contract Manager | Interuniversity Services Inc.

As the Contracts Manager, Li has spent the majority of her time developing RFPs, evaluating bids, and selecting suppliers for a diverse range of goods and services for post-secondary institutions through out Atlantic Canada. However, with the increased awareness in the importance of managing contracts, she finds herself spending more time monitoring supplier performance (such as defining KPIs and reviewing these KPI reports with suppliers on regular basis) and  developing  stronger supplier relationships.

Li began her journey through the PSPP certificate program on the recommendation of her Manager when she joined the organization.  Li initially found the legal language and case studies somewhat of a challenge to wade through when she began the program.  However, as she progressed through her training and gained more experience on-the-job, she understood the importance, relevancy, and became very engaged in her learning process.

Li was able to fit the program in a long side demanding work load and completed the program within two years.   She considers achieving the certificate a very important milestone in her career and is very proud of her accomplishment.  She shared that it not only demonstrates the increase of her public procurement knowledge but it is also highly recognized by her Manager.

What were Li’s best ‘take-aways’?

Learning about debriefing techniques and best practices!  I received so many tips, tools and templates throughout the course and have customized the ones that are most relevant and often used.  Most importantly, they don’t sit on a shelf collecting dust as I reference them daily!


I also enjoyed learning from other procurement professionals in my cohort.  One colleague shared a valuable template for scoring contractor performance that I plan to adopt that in the future.  At the end of the day, I learned that, as a procurement professional, our struggles in the field are common to all and that I wasn’t alone. The strategies taught in the program help us cope with these challenges in a proactive and effective way.


Completing the program gave me a higher level of confidence in my position, and especially for developing high quality RFPs and strong supplier relationships.   I am eager to explore my next training option to further my career in procurement and contract management.

 – Li Lei, Contract Manager | Interuniversity Services Inc.



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