2019 has been an amazing year at NECI, and we are grateful to all or clients from Canada and around the globe. Our courses have been selling out and waitlists have been getting so large that we’ve started running second (and third) cohorts to accommodate our students. We’re looking forward to bringing you more new and innovative webinars and in-house trainings in 2020 addressing some of the most sought after answers to questions in Canadian Procurement.

Rather than sending out personal holiday greetings, each year NECI makes a donation to support one of the many worthy organizations helping those less fortunate.

This year we have approached our giving campaign a little differently. Our core team (who have been run off their feet this year) have each selected a charity that resonates with them, and donations have been made to these organizations on behalf of our valued clients.

NECI female President with blonde short hair wearing glasses and black blazer and white blouse with black sphere pattern

Maureen Sullivan

President, NECI

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To help address water challenges in Indigenous communities in Canada through education, training and meaningful collaboration.


While significant progress has been made, as of November 14, 2019, the federal government reports 57 long-term drinking water advisories still in effect on public systems on reserves. * Many sources refute these numbers as deceptively low. Although the United Nations has recognized access to clean drinking water as a human right since 2010, some advisories have been in effect for well over 10 years. The Attawapiskat First Nation, for example, which declared a state of emergency this past summer over concerns about water quality, has never had access to safe drinking water. Canada is often held up as the ‘gold standard’ for quality of life and yet many of our own citizens lack such basic living essentials. By supporting Water First not only do we advance many of the community-based education and development projects led by organization, but we lend our voice to the growing demand for action on this long-standing human rights crisis in our own backyard that continues to fly under the radar.

Kim Holl

Program Manager, NECI

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Charity: Inter-Cultural Association (ICA) – Private Refugee Sponsorship


The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) helps individuals and organizations to connect across cultures. ICA is always seeking sponsorship groups for refugees referred by the UN Refugee Agency.


Everyday war, poverty and political unrest force thousands of people to leave their homelands in search of a better life. The United Nations says that there are now more refugees than at any time since 1994. And many do not always reach their final destinations.5 happy people sitting on couch

This past spring I was part of a group of strangers that banded together to sponsor a Refugee. From a seed dream to reality. On Nov 15th, Kidst arrived at the Victoria International Airport reuniting with her family after spending 20 years in a refugee camp in Ethiopia due to the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea. With the first phase of her resettlement over, now begins her long journey of integration into her new life.

Chantel Jeffery

Administrative Coordinator, NECI

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Charity #1: Northern Hope Dog Rescue Society (NHDRS)


NHDRS is a non-profit rescue organization dedicated to saving the lives of stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs from communities in Northern Canada. Based out of Victoria, BC, we work alongside our out of province partners in Saskatchewan and beyond to give these dogs a second chance at life, finding them loving forever homes on the West Coast.


I will always hold this organization near and dear to my heart. I rescued my dog, Leo, through NHDRS, and could not imagine life without him. He is a daily reminder of the meaning of unconditional love. Leo is a true gift. Without the help of NHDRS, I am afraid to think of what Leo’s life would have become.

dog with no fur on left (before pic) and dog with lots of healthy black fur on right (after pic)Pictured here is Theo, who was found living outdoors, alone under a shed. He was diagnosed with

demodex mange. After undergoing treatment for several months, he is now beginning to thrive. He still has a long road towards recovery, however, his life of isolation has been transformed into life in a happy home.

Charity #2: Festival of Trees – Children’s Hospital


To transform child health through excellence in philanthropy.

Why?Tree decorated by children in mall

Becoming a mom has been one of the most amazing events in my life. I am so thankful for my son’s health and I cannot imagine what

it would be like for parents who find their children requiring care at The Children’s Hospital.

Each year, my son’s daycare participates in the Festival of Trees, having each child create an ornament. I am honoured to support the children who need our support.

Grant De Gagne

Marketing Manager, NECI

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Charity: Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA)


To promote the art and science of photography in all its forms throughout Canada and the world, and to further public interest therein.


I’m donating to the Canadian Association for Photographic Art because I recently discovered a passion for photography and would like to support the art form. I find photography intriguing because anyone can take a photo, yet to take a truly special photo only few have the required patience, insight, and ability. Taking a special photo requires you to pay attention to the intensity, direction, and colour of light, your position in relation to your subject, how wide your aperture is, how fast your shutter speed is, how you’re holding your camera, and the list goes on.

For me, it was overwhelming at first. So many things to pay attention to; but then, it became calming as I felt I had complete control over the final product. In many ways, its evolved into a form of meditation. With such a long list of to-dos of which I must move through quickly every day, I find taking the time to snap a few photos forces me to slow down and pay attention to how beautiful the planet we live on really is.

I believe if more people engaged in photography, we might all be a little less stressed and a little more appreciative of where we are; not where we want to be.

Here’s a few photos I took that make me appreciate where I am.

Thank-you for your continuing support, and we wish everyone a happy holidays and a happy new year!