NECI female President with blonde short hair wearing glasses and black blazer and white blouse with black sphere patternA Message From the President

In today’s newsletter we have examined the North Pacific Roadbuilders case where failure to disclose critical terrain information in the solicitation package cost Aecom Canada Ltd. $2 million in damages, plus immeasurable damage to its corporate reputation and significant erosion of stakeholder confidence.   Why, you may be wondering, do we continue to see such catastrophic procurement failures resulting in litigation?

We believe it is largely due to lack of adequate resources devoted to the procurement planning phase of the contracting cycle. Early retirements, the demographics of the baby boomers, lack of public sector training options, and ever-increasing market complexity mean that many procurement staff are being challenged beyond their capabilities. New trade agreement and public stakeholder expectations of heightened transparency only serve to compound the pressure.  Presumably we all agree on the importance of well-trained, engaged staff in achieving organizational goals, however finding the appropriate avenues for this critical staff development is not always easy.

If any of this sounds familiar, we can help you navigate these challenging times by offering timely, affordable and directly relevant training for all levels of proficiency.  With blended delivery options designed to meet individual learner needs while maximizing convenience and cost savings, our nationally accredited Public Sector Procurement Program  is uniquely positioned in the Canadian market.

A national cohort of participants from all levels of public sector begins with PSPP 201 July 31.  Spanning four weeks online, this in-depth course on procurement planning takes a deep dive into conducting a needs assessment, business case preparation and leading edge market assessment and engagement strategies that will ensure your procurement staff remain ahead of the curve.  Invaluable networking and sharing of real life in-progress procurements with colleagues from across the country create additional value and ensure the learning continues long after the formal training is completed.

With materials very recently updated to incorporate guidance on the new CFTA obligations, recent examples of outstanding procurement planning initiatives as well as some cautionary litigation tales from projects that did not fare as well, the upcoming PSPP 201 offers a unique opportunity to advance the procurement knowledge and skills within your organization. There are still a few spots so I encourage you to consider enrolling yourself, your staff or your whole procurement team to ensure your organization is well positioned for the challenges ahead.  With a full ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. If it helps avoid even one major damage award such as the one faced by Aecom Canada Ltd., we trust you will agree it is money well spent!

Maureen Sullivan | President, NECI


PSPP 201 (July 31 - Aug 25)

Join the PSPP 201 Cross-Canada cohort beginning July 31st.