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NECI Values

Beginning with a cross-Canada series of public seminars in 1991, NECI quickly garnered a following in the purchasing and contract management community.

From this loyal base, we gained entry to a wide range of major organizations and began delivering custom, in-house seminars.

We work hard to enhance and expand our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients, and to respond to developments in procurement as well as instructional design and adult learning.

Our success is based on three main corporate attributes:

1. Agility

  • training tailored to organizational operating environment, audience experience levels and regional nuances
  • flexible delivery options including face to face, online and blended learning
  • ongoing curriculum development to keep pace with changing content, technology and adult learning standards

2. Proven Value

  • measurable ROI through pre and post testing, exceptional learner evaluations and client testimonials, external accreditations and industry association alliances
  • focus on legal and business content specific to the Canadian market
  • loyal client base seeking relevant, affordable and results-oriented professional education

3. Forward Thinking

  • leveraging best practices from our network of customers, colleagues and instructors across the country
  • bi-weekly reporting on new legal developments and emerging procurement trends in our free online newsletter incorporating The Legal Edge
  • committed to developing the next generation of procurement and contract management professionals


We Serve

Our diverse client base is comprised of public and private sector organizations, as well as individuals, who conduct procurement and contracting activities in Canada.

Pro-active by nature, our clients recognize the immense value of the ‘preventative maintenance’ approach to procurement training. They understand the return on investment from providing their staff with early and regular education about the ever-changing Canadian procurement landscape.

Our clients fully appreciate that risk management begins with risk identification, and have a sincere desire to attract, engage and retain top performing procurement professionals.



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