NECI Training Outcomes

Build your Knowledge of Procurement and Contract Law

Canadian courts provide clear legal rules for all aspects of procurement and contract management for players on both sides of contracts, and for all types of agreements. Suppliers expect standards of fair and equal treatment, transparency in the bidding process, and contract awards based on fair evaluations.  As most procurement professionals know, the case law, as well as trade agreement, and other legal obligations are constantly evolving.  Keeping up to date with these changes is part of a sophisticated and pro-active approach to procurement. Increase stakeholder confidence and improve value for money by reducing legal risk, court challenges and wasted resources due to litigation and vendor disputes with procurement training from NECI.

“Completing the program gave me a higher level of confidence in my position, and especially for developing high quality RFPs and strong supplier relationships. I am eager to explore my next training option to further my career in procurement and contract management”


 – Li Lei, Contracts Manager and NECI Public Sector Procurement Program Graduate

Attract Top Vendors and Achieve Better Results

In a competitive marketplace, suppliers and vendors choose whether to submit bids or proposals and at what price. If your organization develops a reputation for sloppy RFPs and unfair evaluation practices, suppliers will factor a risk premium into their pricing ­– or perhaps worse, not bid at all. If your organization relies heavily on sole and single sourcing strategies, you may be giving up valuable leverage and paying more for goods and services than necessary. Properly trained staff are alert to these issues and will be able to build solid vendor relationships. In doing so, they’ll enhance your organization’s reputation in a competitive market, and ensure you get the best value for funds expended.

If you are not satisfied with any NECI offering, we will provide a
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Recruit and Retain High-Performing Employees

Attract and recruit more ambitious and motivated candidates by letting prospective employees know that you will invest in their growth and professional development. Lay out a structured approach to learning that keeps pace with their career path and provides increased efficiency at each level. Let current employees know that procurement and contract management is recognized as a critical skill area within your organization and is supported through specialized training. As you move into alternative service delivery, major outsourcing, public-private partnerships, and enhanced supply chain management, you are demanding more from your procurement and contract management specialists. Ensure that your employees receive the training to handle these challenges, so they can minimize risk for your organization and conduct their day to day procurement activities with more confidence.

Benefit from Proven Adult Training Methods

NECI’s course design and delivery techniques are rooted firmly in leading adult education practices. Different demographics learn and digest information in varying ways, so we use a number of methods to ensure each participant is getting maximum value from our training. NECI incorporates two fundamental objectives into all our training:

  • Acquiring of skills, judgment and strategic capabilities based on a solid knowledge foundation
  • Motivating and inspiring adult learners to participate by providing interesting and varied learning opportunities

We incorporate current principles of adult learning in all our course design and delivery by:

  • Developing skills, knowledge and the capacity for critical thinking
  • Providing opportunities for self-directed learning
  • Incorporating exercises and discussions that encourage participants to share experiences, knowledge and past projects with their group or the class to facilitate learning
  • Engaging flexible and experienced facilitators who can adapt course agendas to suit the learning speed and comprehension of the class
  • Maximizing the opportunities for interaction, shared learning, and open discussion through small and large group discussions and activities
  • Planning for ways to bring out the intrinsic motivation of each learner through inquiry and recognition
  • Suggesting on-the-job activities and practice to support the learning transfer to participants’ job function
  • Providing material for future reference and updating
  • Recognizing and accommodating different learning styles, taking into account the needs of visual learners, kinesthetic learners, and auditory learners when designing curriculum

Continuing Education Opportunities

One of the most important components of learning is continuing to hone and expand on skills after formal training has taken place. This not only keeps employees current and knowledgeable in their field, but also provides them with a sense of ongoing accomplishment and ensures continued commitment to learning.

NECI offers continuing education in the form of

  • Short update sessions
  • Online Webinars
  • Community of Practice forums for graduates
  • Our free bi-weekly newsletter – Sign Up Here – which incorporates The Legal Edge (gives you up-to-date reports on the latest legal developments and best practices in Canadian procurement, contracting and negotiations), and
  • Skill Builders online self directed learning.

“When your employees confront any situation, they’re in one of two categories. Either you’ve addressed it and trained them and they have the information they need to deal with it, or you haven’t addressed it or trained them and they’re going to be guessing. Which category would you rather your staff be in?”

Chet Holmes

Bestselling author

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