Greg McLean
Procurement Specialist, Saskatchewan Research Council

“The PSPP program provided me with the foundation to run a successful competitive bid project from cradle to grave all while improving critical thinking skills, and enabling me to become the preferred source of Procurement and Contracting expertise within my organization.”

As a Procurement Specialist for the Saskatchewan Research Council, Greg has spent the last 10 years addressing socio economic objectives, maximizing competition, maintaining integrity, and ensuring customer requirements are met while following the organization’s procurement and contracting model.

With a total of 28 years in procurement, Greg  recognizes that the world of procurement is constantly evolving. Greg took the PSPP Certificate Program because he wanted to learn how to reduce potential issues arising from contracting and to keep up to date on procurement law and best practices.

Greg found the PSPP particularly interesting because of its focus on the public sector. Greg learned unique approaches to ensure success in the public procurement operating environment, and learned about common challenges from other public sector professionals in his online cross-country cohort.

Throughout the Program, Greg found his instructor  to be very knowledgeable. In particular, he appreciated that she brought unique, real life examples from other Canadian public sector organizations to the classroom which helped tie in learned concepts to actual practice.

Greg rates the PSPP program a full 10 out of 10, describing it as ‘an invaluable educational experience’!

What were Greg’s best ‘take-aways’?

With regards to the public sector, I now have the skills to navigate the complexities of public sector procurement, resulting in a unified voice which helps to streamline the procurement process and reduce risk for my organization. 

After taking the PSPP course my input is sought by my colleagues whenever a complex problem requires analysis pertaining to the Procurement and Contracting cycle

During the Program Greg had several ‘ah ha’ moments around the legal aspects, and particularly liked the Risk Management tool and process he worked with in PSPP 201.

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