Congrats to NECI Grads!

The close of 2016 witnessed yet another outstanding cross-Canada cohort graduating from NECI’s Public Sector Procurement Program. As always, participants arrived from various sectors: higher education, school districts, transportation, crown corporations, municipalities and provincial government.

Our grads come with diverse backgrounds and levels of experience: they are purchasing agents, senior buyers, contract officers and managers. Through in-depth study, practical hands-on experience using case studies, instructor feedback and networking with peers, they all depart with a solid foundation in public sector procurement, equipped with tips, tools and strategies for an invigorating career track.

What motivates participants to enroll in the PSPP program?  

PSPP provides learners arriving from the private sector with a solid foundation in Canadian procurement law and practices.

  • Learners new to their position are eager to pursue a career in procurement and choose the PSPP program to prepare them for career advancement.
  • Seasoned professionals enjoy staying up-to-date with best practices, reviewing critical case studies and networking with colleagues across the country.
  • Organizations recognize the value of having a cohesive and knowledgeable procurement team, as well as the benefits of being able to attract and retain high-performing employees by offering ongoing professional development.

This course (PSPP 301), and all the others in the PSPP, has been 100% relevant to everything I do in my role as buyer for a public sector organization. I sing the praises of PSPP whenever I can, and would recommend anyone who touches public sector procurement in any way to take at least PSPP 101 – more if they can.  Public Sector Procurement Program Grad


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