How engaged and connected is your procurement team? Does your organization have a desire for greater productivity? Do you have a training plan?

Research shows that the top performing business units are those that value employee engagement. In return, the organization benefits from:

  • Becoming more profitable and productive
  • Less absenteeism and turnover

Forward thinking organizations are people-centered, recognizing that their staff are their most valuable asset. They take responsibility for employee engagement and meaning, instead of leaving it entirely to the employee.

Join the ranks of other Canadian organizations across the country that are realizing the value in NECI’s classroom and online training. Choose from our in-house seminars, online blended learning, or online, self-directed options to suit your team’s budget and specific learning needs.

The procurement landscape is forever changing. Make sure your procurement team is up-to-date on:

  • Implications of the latest trade treaties
  • Emerging decisions and case studies that will impact how you do business
  • Innovative procurement practices that will take you ahead of the curve

Choose from NECI’s:

Here what our clients have to say….

“We enthusiastically support employee development at Metro Vancouver and strongly encourage our very busy buyers to attend NECI’s e-seminars. The subject matter is always current and relevant, the presentations are perfectly paced, the presenters extremely knowledgeable, and the materials serve as excellent reference material. The cost allows our staff to attend as many as they can without straining our modest training budget. Thank you, NECI!”

Rick Reubart
Procurement Category Manager, Metro Vancouver