NECI’s Weekly Community Discussions

Look what you’ve been missing – pure gold! Since Covid-19 arrived on our doorstep, there has been an absence of ‘business as usual’ for procurement professionals. As a remedy, NECI has been offering a FREE and supportive space where procurement professionals can... Read More

We Changed the Name of our eSeminars to Webinars

Same high-quality content. Same delivery. Different name. Through customer surveys, we have discovered the term we used to communicate the delivery of our 90 minute interactive online sessions (eSeminars) was not widely understood; therefore, we changed the name of... Read More

Contributing to Sustainability

NECI is committed to giving back to communities, both locally and in the far corners of the world where poverty, clean drinking water, and caring for children in the midst of conflict zones offers little hope. It is even more important today that our efforts continue... Read More


Staying Safe in Uncertain Times As many of our valued clients have now implemented pandemic protocols, we thought the following information from the Canadian Bar Association on the legal implications for the workplace might be useful: View Information from Canadian... Read More