Solving the Mystery of the CETA Thresholds

Maureen Sullivan A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT As many of you know, for the last few months I have been on the hunt to uncover the anticipated conversion rate for SDRs under the pending CETA.  I have tapped into many senior procurement practitioners, executives,... Read More

A Message From the President

A Message From the President In today’s newsletter we have examined the North Pacific Roadbuilders case where failure to disclose critical terrain information in the solicitation package cost Aecom Canada Ltd. $2 million in damages, plus immeasurable damage to its... Read More

Meet Our Spotlight Authors

NECI’s Spotlight Authors NECI is proud to showcase our ‘spotlight’ authors who will be sharing their procurement and contract management expertise, wisdom and best practices with you each month.  They embody the best of teaching, research and practice in... Read More

Yukon Government participant gives PSPP full marks!

Shanna Epp Procurement Advisor, Yukon Government “I often blamed the procurement process for issues that I thought were ‘just how things were done’. But I was wrong…” Shanna Epp is a Procurement Advisor for the Yukon Government. Day-to-day, Shanna gives procurement... Read More