Procurement Training in Terrace BC

Where is NECI delivering Procurement Training? This week: Terrace, BC On May 24th, NECI’s instructor “Larry Berglund” delivered a 1-day in-house Signature Seminar called the “Infrastructure Masterclass” to members of the Northern Regional Construction Association... Read More

Where is NECI? Montreal, Quebec

On May 1 & 2, NECI’s instructor Lise Patry delivered 2 days of in-house Signature Seminars: “Advancing Procurement Strategies”, and “Successful Contracting: Planning, Managing and Evaluation” to a group of 13 staff from Enercon in Montreal. Who? Enercon: An... Read More

Wrestling with Vendor Performance?

Have you tried to address a vendor performance issue, only to find that the contract language doesn’t provide the tools you need? Without clear, measurable performance expectations coupled with a graduated remedy structure, a contract is sometimes not worth the paper... Read More

What we’ve been up to…

Fall has traditionally been a very busy time as organizations gear up and engage in professional development training for their procurement and contract management teams, and this year is no exception.  Those who choose the online delivery model find an unexpected... Read More