Will the Canadian Free Trade Agreement that comes into effect July 1st impact my ability to engage with GPOs?

by Lise Patry, B.A.Sc., LLB, ICD.D, Patry Law

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Thanks for this interesting question.  It will come as good news to many that in fact the CFTA provisions clarify rules around the use of buying groups

Under the AIT, we only see a reference to buying groups in the Annexes applicable to Crown corporations and MASH sector entities. Covered entities wishing to purchase through buying groups must ensure the activities of the buying groups are carried out in a “manner consistent with this Annex”.

In the CFTA, the buying group provisions apply to all covered entities and additional rules have been added. Covered entities purchasing through buying groups:

  • no longer have to ensure the procurement is consistent with the CFTA if they have little or no control over the procurement process; and
  • must publish a notice of participation with the buying group at least annually on their tendering website. The notice must direct potential suppliers to the buying group tender notices website if it is different than the tendering website used by the covered entity.

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Lise Patry B.A.Sc., LLB, ICD.D

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