Infrastructure Masterclass

Intensive Construction Procurement One Day Workshop

CONSTRUCTION PROCUREMENT EMPLOYEES GATHERED AROUND A TABLE WEARING HARD HATSLet’s work together. Procuring construction services in the public sector is a highly specialized practice requiring unique experience, knowledge, and skill.  With contractors in demand, resources at a premium and timelines tight, now more than ever procurement professionals hold the master key to successful project delivery.

NECI has developed this curriculum in collaboration with the BC Construction Association and other industry stakeholders to specifically assist public owners in ensuring successful infrastructure project outcomes throughout their tendering processes.

This one-day, highly focused course reviews foundational best practises in procurement and highlights issues relevant to today’s unique construction market challenges

“This was an excellent workshop session. I highly recommend it!”

Marilia Keating

Engineering Services, District of Kitimat


  • Foundations of competitive contracting law in Canada
  • Unique public sector obligations
  • Construction delivery options
  • Leveraging market intelligence
  • Role of bonding and sureties
  • Procurement methods
  • Evaluation strategies
  • Industry templates and resources

Learning Objectives

  • Review public sector procurement obligations and processes
  • Examine BC Government’s Capital Asset Management Framework construction as a best practise (and as required)
  • Assess the risks and benefits of construction project delivery methods
  • Explore collaboration strategies to enhance project success
  • Practice identifying the most appropriate procurement process and project delivery method for typical public sector construction scenarios
  • For a real project, design a procurement process including the project delivery method

Who Should Attend?

The Public Owner Infrastructure Masterclass is for public sector employees at the local, regional, and provincial level who play a direct or indirect role in managing the procurement process for construction projects, regardless of experience level. Attendees may be eligible for professional development credits.

Customized, project-specific course content can be developed for large groups from a single public employer.

If you are a contractor or non-public sector company interested in the Infrastructure Masterclass, please contact Separate sessions may be scheduled for contractors, based on demand.


“The best part about the Infrastructure Masterclass I attended was learning about the high risk areas when procuring construction services, and the strategies I can use to avoid them. The in-class exercises helped put into practice the concepts I learned” 


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This course is available for in-house delivery. NECI will travel to your office and deliver this one day course to your staff.

Please contact us to get more information, schedule dates, and request a quote.

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