Procurement Consultant Services

As NECI’s primary business focus is providing leading edge procurement and contract management training, our procurement consultant services are expressly subject to availability.

Curriculum Consulting

To help clients identify the most appropriate training and non-training solutions to their procurement challenges, we have developed the in-house expertise to conduct comprehensive skills gap analyses. This consulting role is both scalable and easily adapted to the unique operating environment of each organization, including those outside of Canada.

Fairness Advisory and Procurement Services

Working with clients from all sectors and industries across Canada for over 30 years, we are uniquely positioned to provide a broad view of fairness, transparency and procurement best practices. The expertise of our team members ranges from procurement practitioners and adult education specialists to legal and engineering professionals.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation about your most pressing procurement training or consulting needs. With our broad range of contacts across the country, if we can’t help you, chances are we can refer you to those who can.

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