NECI is committed to giving back to communities, both locally and in the far corners of the world where poverty, clean drinking water, and caring for children in the midst of conflict zones offers little hope. It is even more important today that our efforts continue as those in need suffer disproportionately under the weight of the COVID crisis.

We are grateful to announce that we were able to give 10% of our April sales to support the Canadian Emergencies & COVID-19 Response Fund. Click here to learn more and donate.

We also continue to support KIVA by contributing to their crowdfunding initiatives to fund loans for the working poor. It is a powerful and sustainable way to create economic and social good.

Here are our KIVA highlights for this quarter.

  • Paraguay – Mujeres Juchadors Group is located in a highly sensitive area that experiences social conflict and the activity of dangerous groups. A loan of $2,625 helps a member to buy baked goods, vegetables, fruits, canned food, meat, and other products. Average annual income is $8,400 USD. Click here to learn more and donate 
  • Lesotho – Seraturatu Group – Matanki and 3 children live in a traditional hut without access to electricity. She works as a domestic worker but struggles to buy fuel with an insufficient income. She spends the most amount of her energy expenses on wood, candles and paraffin. A loan of $250 will help to purchase the ACE-1 hybrid energy system for cooking, lighting and charging in a way that is safer, cleaner and saves money. Average annual income is $2,200 USD. Click here to learn more and donate