Applying ​Influencing ​Skills ​to ​Procurement ​Leadership

It ​has ​been ​noted ​that ​“influence ​is ​the ​highest ​form ​of ​human ​skill.” ​ ​Whether ​you ​are, ​or ​aspire ​to ​be, ​a ​successful ​procurement ​leader ​or ​expert ​negotiator ​you ​will ​need ​to ​rely ​on ​influencing ​skills. ​ ​In ​fact ​it ​could ​be ​argued ​that ​good ​influencing ​skills ​are ​more ​important ​than ​intelligence, ​credentials ​or ​accomplishments. ​ ​And ​while ​you ​are ​not ​always ​leading ​or ​negotiating, ​you ​are ​always ​influencing; ​whether ​in ​a ​positive ​or ​negative ​manner. ​

Every ​time ​you ​appear ​in ​public, ​you ​are, ​consciously ​or ​not, ​‘interviewing’ ​and ​being ​assessed. ​ ​Thus ​influencing ​skills ​transcend ​both ​leadership ​and ​negotiation ​and ​are ​a ​necessary ​element ​for ​success ​regardless ​of ​status, ​rank ​or ​title.

During ​this ​interactive ​session, ​we ​will ​explore ​the ​notion ​of ​‘executive ​presence’ ​and ​examine ​influencing ​skills ​and ​techniques ​to ​enhance ​your ​career ​progression ​and ​instill ​confidence ​in ​those ​around ​you.

Learning ​Objectives ​

  • Define ​critical ​influencing ​skills
  • ​Explore ​effective ​influencing ​techniques, ​including ​establishing ​credibility ​and ​understanding ​charisma
  • ​Review ​strategies ​for ​dealing ​with ​the ​most ​difficult ​people ​to ​influence
  • ​Examine ​a ​structured ​method ​of ​listening, ​effective ​questioning ​and ​addressing ​conflict


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