Buying Local: Trends, Tactics and Trepidations


Many leading public sector organizations – large and small – are addressing the issues around local sourcing. True, there are limitations to what can be done, but there are many areas where opportunities to advance local social and economic development should be considered through procurement strategies and practices.

This eSeminar will look at leading policies, practices and specific clauses being used to advance this agenda, as well as the types of contracts being awarded.

The trend towards social procurement complementing local sourcing is an important one. Trade agreements, be they domestic or international, must be addressed and stakeholders need assurance that they are receiving value for money in contracts being let.

Buying local is not without controversy, however, the more we can discuss the challenges the better we can understand where and how to take steps forward. Supply chain professionals can be the change leaders in this area, while keeping executive expectations in line with legal, policy and other transparency obligations.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore why buying local is important
  • Recognize that there are real limitations
  • Identify which contracts are easiest to adapt
  • Define performance metrics to ensure value for money
  • Increase awareness of which organizations are being successful and how
  • Share successes and review room for improvement


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