Capital Equipment Procurement

Front End LoadereSeminar

Capital equipment procurement is expensive, has a high level of complexity, and often involves a limited pool of suppliers. In addition, there is often a technology component to capital equipment procurement, which adds an additional layer of complexity. Whether you are buying MRI machines, boilers and HVAC systems, publishing equipment or photocopiers, this eSeminar will provide you with some preliminary strategies to deal with the unique challenges of major equipment procurement. Relevant for both public and private sector, this interactive eSeminar will review the common pitfalls and provide effective strategies that you can implement immediately for your next capital equipment procurement process.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the challenges and highlight the main risk areas many of which are unique to capital equipment procurement
  • Explore equipment requirement strategies to ensure that you accurately and precisely define the scope
  • Examine key financial considerations such as buy vs. lease and total cost of ownership
  • Review evaluation strategies for capital equipment procurement such as the use of oral presentations and site visits


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