Corporate Social Responsibility in Procurement

Corporate Social Responsibility-2eSeminar

Many organizations have drafted their corporate social responsibility (CSR) statements. These aspirational objectives require operational integration to ensure responsible business practices that meet internal needs and external expectations. However, many managers charged with the task struggle with the means to achieve these objectives. The low-hanging fruit, such as procuring easily substituted alternative products to replace conventional products, is where a lot of efforts start and stop. We will highlight the four main areas every organization needs to focus on to embed CSR in its procurement and business activities.

This interactive eSeminar will also cover the vital steps to become engaged across the organization and with external stakeholders. For managers wanting to draft departmental CSR policies, we will provide insights as to which principles should be referenced along with third party certifications. We will look at leading practices which are linked to financial performance.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify CSR leading principles which are reflected in practice
  • Recall the 10 steps towards successful implementation and operation of a CSR strategy
  • Examine key areas requiring a strategic approach to CSR
  • Discuss third party certifications and standards to consider
  • Discuss ways to monitor domestic and offshore suppliers
  • Review the issues around green washing


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