Managing High Conflict Personalities in Procurement and Contract Management Settings


High conflict behaviour is increasing in every setting: in legal disputes, at the workplace, with contractors and suppliers, among family members, against companies and government agencies. High-conflict behaviour is characterized by:

  • All-or-nothing thinking
  • Unmanaged emotions
  • Extreme behaviour
  • Preoccupation with blaming others
  • Prolonged, unresolved conflict
  • Drawing in many other people
  • Draining energy, time, and resources

This behaviour is considered “high conflict” because it increases conflict instead of reducing or resolving it. Most people with these types of extreme behaviours have a repeated pattern of high-conflict behaviour. It’s part of who they are. They didn’t just make a mistake or act out of the blue – they have done this before and will do it again.

What we may not realize is that we can manage these situations by understanding high conflict behaviour and using skills that are often different from ordinary conflict resolution methods. Knowing how to manage high conflict behaviour is critical for all of us involved in procurement processes, negotiations or management of contracts.

 Learning Objectives

  • Realize how the human brain responds to conflict
  • Discuss high conflict personalities and their cycle of high conflict thinking
  • Analyze how to best connect with high conflict personalities and avoid being their target of blame
  • Realize how to manage our own anxiety when dealing with high conflict personalities
  • Review techniques to be assertive with high conflict personalities
  • Examine ways to help high conflict personalities take responsibility for resolving their own complaints


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