Revisiting the Binding vs Non-Binding Procurement Approach

nrfp showing a contract with a magnifying glass held over itAs ​NRFPS ​move ​into ​the ​mainstream ​for ​many ​organizations ​it ​is ​time ​to ​revisit ​the ​risks ​and ​benefits, ​as ​well ​as ​debunk ​some ​myths ​and ​explore ​some ​recent ​legal ​twists ​that ​may ​signal ​the ​courts’ ​willingness ​to ​step ​into ​the ​‘legal ​vacuum’ ​left ​in ​the ​wake ​of ​NRFPs. ​

​If ​you ​aren’t ​using ​NRFPs, ​should ​you ​be? ​ ​If ​you ​are, ​are ​there ​alternative ​strategies ​that ​can ​accomplish ​the ​same ​results? The answers to these questions — and more — will be revealed in this 90 minute eSeminar. 


Instructor: Maureen Sullivan
Format: Online seminar with two-way voice and text communication between you/your team and your instructor
Investment: $119 per person OR $597 for unlimited participants


Learning Objectives

  • Examine ​4 ​key ​decision ​factors ​for ​selecting ​your ​approach
  • Debunk ​6 ​common ​myths ​about ​binding ​processes
  • Explore ​alternative ​strategies, ​including ​early ​engagement ​and ​collaboration ​with ​the ​market


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