Procurement Policy Best Practices: Benchmarking For Improvement


In this eSeminar, our expert procurement instructors “Maureen Sullivan” and “Larry Berglund” (see staff page) will review procurement policy guidelines which contribute to NEW best practices in the public sector.

To ensure you get the most up-to-date information, we source all our information from leading publications and the experience of procurement professionals we work closely with.

By attending this eSeminar, you’ll benefit from learning about how to increase transparency of processes to ensure your best contractors and suppliers stay engaged.  And remember, you can benchmark all your policies and practices to the information being shared in this eSeminar.

Discount for Teams of 5 or More

If you have a team of 5 or more wanting to participate in this eSeminar, select the “Epic Pass” option when registering and only pay a flat fee of $497 for your whole team. To learn more about our epic pass click here.

Topics Covered:

  • Identify critical criteria in policy development
  • Explore metrics which matter
  • Examine vendor performance evaluations and value for money
  • Review social and economic development considerations
  • Reinforce the need for effective contract management
  • Look at strategies for overcoming weaknesses in policy management
  • Describe common threads for effective governance

Online Delivery Available

If you want to schedule this eSeminar for your team, please request a quote.

eSeminar Testimonials

We enthusiastically support employee development at Metro Vancouver and strongly encourage our very busy buyers to attend NECI’s e-seminars. The subject matter is always current and relevant, the presentations are perfectly paced, the presenters extremely knowledgeable, and the materials serve as excellent reference material. The cost allows our staff to attend as many as they can without straining our modest training budget.  Thank you, NECI!

Rick Reubart
Procurement Category Manager, Metro Vancouver

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