What is a Procurement Seminar Team Epic Pass?

A procurement seminar team epic pass saves organizations money by allowing large teams to participate in an eSeminar at a flat rate of $597 (+tax).

Standard pricing for our eSeminars is $119 per person. This means if you have a team of 10 interested in an eSeminar, you would pay the flat rate of $597 (+tax) and save your organization $593.

How Does it Work?

Your team will meet in the same room where you’ll have access to one eSeminar live stream, and one communication line (either landline or computer VOIP) that can be used to ask questions with your facilitator.

If your group is very large, you can — if available — use a projector or large flatscreen to view the eSeminar.

After the eSeminar is over, you can further explore the topic with your team, and relate what was learned to your own organization.

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We enthusiastically support employee development at Metro Vancouver and strongly encourage our very busy buyers to attend NECI’s e-seminars.

The subject matter is always current and relevant, the presentations are perfectly paced, the presenters extremely knowledgeable, and the materials serve as excellent reference material. The cost allows our staff to attend as many as they can without straining our modest training budget. Thank you, NECI!

Rick Reubart
Procurement Category Manager, Metro Vancouver

Improve your team's Knowledge base

Get your team on the same page

Share diverse perspectives for process improvement

Develop a recipe for replicating success and profitability

How to Get Started with the EPIC Pass

  1. Click the button below to view our eSeminar schedule of trainings that include upcoming eSeminars.
  2. Register for the eSeminar of your choice, and choose the EPIC Pass solution.
  3. Invite your team together ½ hour prior to the eSeminar to introduce the topic and dialogue. Discuss any internal policies or burning issues that may be applicable.
  4. Gather questions from your team and send them to us either prior to the eSeminar, or during the LIVE Q and A (By voice or text chat).
  5. After the eSeminar, have your team share their take-aways and record ideas for organizational improvement.
  6. Follow up with your team in a month or two, and ask how the eSeminar has changed either their decision making or work habits.

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