Social Procurement: Creating and Contributing to Local Value

Corporate Social ResponsibilityeSeminar

The public sector means of doing business is based on the consumption of resources to provide goods and services for taxpayers. It makes sense to do so following best practices. Another concurrent opportunity is also present in each organization. That is, the ability to affect value on behalf of the taxpayers through procurement by engaging with social enterprises in their community.

Why should procurement take this step outside of its usual mandate and engage in social and economic development? If an organization is able to create meaningful employment for individuals through social enterprises, the organization reduces its financial burden related to delivering conventional social services. By creating employment opportunities, procurement can contract for its requisite goods and/or services through social enterprises at very competitive rates meeting two important functions – providing value for money and building social capital.

This eSeminar will address many of the challenging issues when trying to implement effective supply chain sustainability policies, as they relate to social procurement. We will provide context and tools to build a better understanding of the potential power of procurement practices to add increased value to the communities we serve. Discussions will look at the economic multiplier effect and other quantitative tools to assess the impact on social and economic development. We will cite case studies and resources to reiterate the key points of the eSeminar.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the economic benefits of social procurement
  • Identify measurable social procurement objectives
  • Recognize and appreciate the role of social enterprises
  • Discuss case studies based on Canadian examples
  • Examine how supply management can affect social change


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