Top 10 Procurement Process Risks for 2017

procurement process risks word cloudeSeminar: Procurement Process Risks

During ​this ​interactive ​session, ​participants ​will ​discuss ​and ​review ​the ​most ​litigious ​areas ​of ​procurement ​that ​are ​likely ​to ​take ​on ​a ​higher ​profile ​in ​2017. ​ ​Among ​topics, ​we ​will ​discuss ​the ​crucial ​importance ​of ​not ​only ​ensuring ​the ​evaluation ​process ​is ​conducted ​fairly, ​but also well documented. ​ ​As ​many ​litigants ​learned ​in ​2016, ​the ​best ​intentions ​in ​the ​world ​won’t ​assist ​if ​the ​organization ​doesn’t ​have ​adequate ​documentation ​to ​convince ​a ​Court ​or ​other ​bid ​challenge ​authority. ​ ​We ​will ​explore ​various ​cases ​related ​to ​incorrect, ​misleading ​or ​ambiguous ​information ​given ​out ​to ​bidders, ​as ​well ​as ​emerging ​obligations ​on ​bidders ​to ​seek ​clarification. ​ ​Our ​discussions ​will ​also ​encompass ​the ​implications ​of ​using ​a ​Negotiable ​RFP ​process ​that ​seeks ​to ​bypass ​traditional ​implied ​legal ​obligations ​for ​competition.




Learning Objectives

  • Review recent, relevant cases related to procurement challenges
  • Consider future trends in bid challenge processes and court decisions
  • Analyze new ‘good faith’ contracting obligations established by the Supreme Court of Canada
  • Discuss protective procedures each side can adopt to reduce the frequency and impact of claims


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