Understanding the Impact of the New Trade Agreements

Implementation of the CFTA and CETA trade agreements will greatly reduce barriers to trade and expand opportunities for Canadian companies.  The Canadian market will become more open and transparent as businesses compete across the country and from Europe.  With these new opportunities, of course, comes a layer of complexities that can negatively impact your procurement process if you are not prepared.

This eSeminar will explore the more significant features of the new agreements for both provincial and sub-provincial entities.  Increased transparency obligations, including the requirement for a bid challenge/complaint process at the procuring entity level, will affect not just policy and practices, but will likely lead to a whole new body of tribunal and case law further defining procurement fairness obligations.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the key provisions that will require a change of practice
  • Explore new bid challenge review procedures under both agreements
  • Discuss strategies for ensuring compliance and avoiding escalation of disputes


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