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Here’s what some attendees had to say…

“The forum is a new tool for me. At the on set I was intimidated by the titles of the participants but what I soon found is that there is a camaraderie among procurement professionals. I like that Maureen encourages participation and she does a great job of guiding the discussion. What I appreciate most about the forum is the groups willingness to discuss any topic, provide insight, perspective and ideas. We have much experience as a group and this forum is an excellent format to do share that experience.”

Sandy Pillon, Procurement Compliance Supervisor | County of Essex

“The weekly discussion with other procurement professionals from across Canada, provides extremely valuable information for a range of topics we are all dealing with at this time. The discussions provide new insights, current practices and solutions for those with experience and for procurement personnel that are new to the profession. I am very grateful to NECI for providing this opportunity.

There is always something new to learn each week!

Helen D.


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