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NECI is pleased to help empower professionals to better prepare for the ever-changing landscape of procurement and contract management. We’re inspired by the potential of technology as the foundation for change, and offer a variety of reports, primers, and online learning tools and our free self-assessment at no cost.

“The Foundations of Competitive Contracting in Canada was excellent. Clear and concise. A great tool, especially for any new staff to procurement.”

Maria Ciarniello

Project Manager, Province of BC

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Foundations of Competitive Contracting in Canada

In this online module, we offer the foundational information critical to Canadian procurement professionals embarking on any form of contracting process. This module takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

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Conducting a Quick and Dirty Risk Assessment

Hot off the press is our new FREE micro-module on risk identification and assessment. Our tools, tips, and micro-modules can help you and your team refine your procurement and contract management expertise and stay up-to-date.

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Public Sector Procurement Self Assessment Tool

Our online, public sector self-assessment tool will identify which areas in the procurement and contract management cycle you are strongest in, and which areas you may need to focus your training and development efforts in. The self-assessment takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

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The Legal Edge

NECI has published The Legal Edge on a quarterly basis since 1994 to provide articles on the latest cases, contracting law and practices for a national audience in business and government.

Beginning Jan. 2016, The Legal Edge is incorporated into our bi-weekly newsletter, offered free to our loyal subscribers as a way of saying thank you! Sign-up by clicking here.

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Funding Request

Request sponsorship from your employer for enrollment in NECI’s PSPP program using our easy to complete Request for Funding Letter template.  Then soar to new heights with your procurement and contract management career!  Both you and your employer will benefit!

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Lunch & Learn Toolkit

Lunch and Learns are facilitated group discussions that focus on important procurement and contract management topics for your organization. It is a chance to create meaningful learning sessions that encourage participants to reflect, share their experience, and apply critical thinking to challenges.

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