Lunch & Learn

NECI Lunch and Learns are facilitated group discussions that focus on important procurement and contract management topics for your organization.

It is a chance to create meaningful learning sessions that encourage your team to reflect, share experience, and apply critical thinking to challenges.

How to Coordinate a Free Lunch and Learn

  1. Select a You Be the Judge article
  2. Send your team a link to the article and tell them to NOT click on the answer
  3. In your e-mail or message, schedule a time to meet to discuss the case
  4. Meet and gather opinions on what they would have done in the scenario laid out in the article
  5. Reveal the answer to the You Be the Judge article and discuss in detail why the decision was made to strengthen your team’s understanding while reducing litigation risk and improving contract outcomes.

For a more detailed description on how to coordinate a Lunch & Learn using our You Be the Judge articles, download our Facilitator Guide to ensure you have a successful and fun event!

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