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You pick the courses, the location, the date, and 12 – 30 staff to participate.

We provide advance consultation, and customization of case studies and exercises to ensure maximum relevance for your staff.

Course Options Include:  Signature Seminars

For on-line options, bring our interactive eSeminars in-house:

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These highly interactive 90 minute online sessions engage participants in a ‘deep dive’ into a narrow procurement or contract management topic. Allowing ample time for questions and discussion, our expert facilitators and guest speakers review some of the most current topics and hot-button issues facing procurement professionals today.

Conducted over an easy to use web platform, our eSeminars are limited to 25 participants, and regularly sell out well before the scheduled date. Each session is also available for in-house delivery to a dedicated staff cohort within an organization. This allows for an in-depth exploration of the topic within the context of their own operating environment.



Pricing depends on the courses chosen, number of participants, location and other details. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and obtain a pricing proposal at 888-990-7267.


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