In House Procurement Training

in house procurement training classroom example with woman at white board in-front of students

Like many organizations, you may be facing large-scale retirements at a time when you’re already having difficulty recruiting and retaining skilled procurement and contract management employees. NECI is flexible and innovative in providing fast-track training or just-in-time in house procurement training options to address these issues in a variety of delivery formats: classroom, online eSeminar, and blended learning options.

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Benefits of In-house Training:

  • A forum for team-building and facilitating cross-functional understanding
  • An opportunity to reinforce corporate policies and introduce new resources
  • Support for innovative procurement and contract management practices
  • A confidential environment to discuss sensitive or emerging issues

What students are saying:

The best part of this course was the instructor engagement and participant experience. Information was specific, always relevant and directly applicable. Maureen is an incredibly knowledgeable instructor.

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