Public Sector Procurement Program (PSPP) 203: Managing & Evaluation

Students learn how to analyze, evaluate and document contract performance

Learn How to Manage and Evaluate Contracts in 4 Weeks

As a student of PSPP 203 Managing & Evaluation from National Education Consulting Inc (NECI), you’ll get the skills and knowledge to manage contracts and handle any performance issues that arise.

PSPP 203 Managing & Evaluation gives you both the convenience of an online course and effectiveness of attending classes in person because you’ll learn by self-directed studies and weekly online webinars featuring a live instructor.

You’ll learn from unique experiences your instructor has collected over their career, and develop techniques to effectively manage ongoing contracts while sustaining positive relationships with service providers and contractors.

Techniques I learned in the PSPP program taught me valuable ways to ensure successful contracts, make my day-to-day life easier, and develop solutions for (once) difficult situations

Shanna Epp

Procurement Advisor, Yukon Government

Learning Objectives

You’ll learn the most relevant, innovative and frequently litigated issues in procurement and contracting from the comfort of home or office.

In our Managing & Evaluation course, you will:

  • Review the importance of managing vendor relationships and explore how to apply the win/win approach to your discussions
  • Analyze strategies for designing a contract monitoring plan
  • Demonstrate how to conduct ongoing risk assessment throughout the contract term
  • Define contract governance and identify escalation provisions
  • Recognize common performance issues and remedies/incentives that can be used to help address these issues
  • Adopt ideas and best practices for continuous improvement through post-contract evaluation
  • Define proper file retention and reporting requirements

Lessons learned through post-contract evaluation will help you identify areas for improvement and make changes to processes and documents for your next procurement.


Constantly Updated
You won’t be caught off guard by recent federal & provincial changes that affect the procurement industry because we update our courses regularly.

Log Professional Designation Credits
Maintain your designation while participating in relevant and meaningful training that supports your professional performance.

Learn Anywhere
Since you can access our courses on your phone, tablet or computer, NECI training is ideal if you travel often, or are too busy to attend full-day training sessions.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

If you feel you haven’t benefited from our procurement training, we’ll give you a 100% refund.

Students who complete the Managing & Evaluation course are encouraged to complete a questionnaire detailing their experience and make recommendations for improvement. We review every questionnaire, and update courses regularly to ensure you get the best experience.

Designed by Procurement Experts

You’ll get a valuable education you can rely on. Each module was carefully selected and designed by a team of legal and procurement professionals.

PSPP 203 Managing & Evaluation features real examples from our instructors’ combined experience of over 100 years that you can gain valuable insights from.

Completing the program gave me a higher level of confidence in my position, and especially for developing high quality RFPs and strong supplier relationships. I am eager to explore my next training option to further my career in procurement and contract management

Li Lei

Contracts Manager, Interuniversity Services Inc.

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