PCMP: The Road to Success

BC Government’s Public Service Agency

The Challenge

In 2003, the BC Government’s Public Service Agency (PSA) issued an RFP seeking a vendor to not only design a comprehensive, competency-based procurement curriculum – but also to facilitate and manage the program over the long term. With an aggressive delivery requisite of courses each year and a broad scope of in-depth requirements, the successful proponent had a tall order to fill.

NECI, with a team of sub-contractors, were selected by the BC government to deliver what they required.

NECI’s Response

Over the span of six years from 2004 to 2010, NECI worked closely with the PSA and the Learning Services Branch (now called the Learning Centre) in order to design, develop, pilot, revise, and deliver a custom program they called the Procurement and Contract Management Program (PCMP). NECI managed the entire process from beginning to end, up to and including the delivery of all courses and materials, and the registration of participants.

As the first integrated, competency-based procurement certification program designed specifically for the public sector in Canada, the PCMP was comprised of four levels across a variety of learning platforms: traditional instructor-led classroom training, web-based components, self-directed learning, and instructor-led e-learning. Successful completion of the first three levels would lead to “PCMP certification” – now a recognized qualification for career advancement with BC government ministries.

In order to provide a benchmark against which the PSA could measure NECI’s performance over the duration of the contract, a minimum course evaluation requirement of 4/5 was put in place as a key performance indicator.

Proven Value

By managing the entire process from needs assessment right through to course delivery, NECI was able to realize efficiencies that resulted in the development of all initial course requirements one year ahead of schedule.

Throughout each year of course facilitation and management, NECI consistently achieved evaluation scores of 4/5 or higher from participants.

Demand for the courses became so high, and waitlists so long, that other ministries began to offer funding (outside of the central agency) to allow for additional courses. In fiscal 2009-10, NECI delivered 14 additional courses, over and above the regular course requirement set out by the initial contract with the PSA. As more employees participated in the program, the beneficial opportunities for cross functional learning and inter-agency collaboration increased.

To date, over 3,700 government staff participated in various levels of the PCMP, with 126 certified graduates across government ministries and agencies. NECI held its sixth graduation ceremony in March 2010 to recognize the achievements of these select participants.

In 2005, the PCMP won the Leadership in Public Sector Procurement Award, sponsored by Summit Magazine and the Canadian Public Procurement Council. The program also won the Deputy Minister’s Award of Excellence under the category of Partnership with Stakeholders in 2007.

“We are absolutely thrilled by the success that the PCMP has become. This was a huge undertaking, and a definite team effort between the Learning Centre, key groups within the BC Government, and our extended team. It is great to see all of that hard work pay off, and more importantly to see it bring such value to the Province and its employees

Maureen Sullivan

President, NECI

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