Private Sector Procurement Training

President of NECI — Maureen Sullivan — delivering the Signature Seminar “Construction Infrastructure Masterclass” in Victoria, BC

Increase Profitability

Unlike in the public sector where the emphasis is on providing effective and efficient services to the public, private sector procurement focuses primarily on profitability.  While both public and private sector organizations are incorporating corporate social responsibility elements, in private sector the bottom-line analysis is generally the most significant determining factor in procurement and contracting decisions.

While private sector organizations understand that conducting a competitive process generally results in the best value being realized, and therefore private sector procurement policies often require it, there are no general legislative or trade agreement requirements for private sector to conduct competitive procurement processes.  Once a decision to use a competitive process is made, however, the same duties of transparency, fairness, and competitive contracting law apply as in the public sector.  It is crucial that private sector staff understand these obligations and the associated risks when embarking on a competitive process, and are equipped to conduct extensive commercial negotiations when the competitive process is bypassed.

3 Private Sector Procurement Training Options

Check out our private sector procurement training offerings which cover topics from tendering to contract negotiations and can be tailored to your organization’s specific industry and operating environment.  Delivered in a variety of formats.  Contact us to have any of our courses delivered in-house.

Skill Builders

Our 100% online procurement training consists of 7 modules, each carefully developed by a team of experts to give you the knowledge needed to reduce litigation risk, and manage contracts.

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In these highly interactive 90 minute online sessions, you’ll learn about some of the most interesting and trending procurement topics.

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Signature Seminars

Designed specifically for face to face classroom training, these workshops incorporate leading edge curriculum design, and range in length from ½ day to two days.

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