Where is NECI delivering Procurement Training? This week: Terrace, BC

On May 24th, NECI’s instructor “Larry Berglund” delivered a 1-day in-house Signature Seminar called the “Infrastructure Masterclass” to members of the Northern Regional Construction Association (NRCA) in Terrace, BC.


The NRCA: Devoted to Growing the Construction Industry in Northern BC

The Northern Regional Construction Association (NRCA) is dedicated to the promotion of construction investment, leading practices and high standards in the construction industry in Northern BC.

The Association speaks on behalf of all sectors of the industry on construction concerns with government, design and tendering authorities and the public.

The NRCA is committed to the principle that industry participants share a common interest and believes that united action will provide benefits to the construction industry and the economy as a whole.

Why Procurement Training?

A Great Opportunity to Learn More About the Construction Bidding Process

Some real comments from attendees about why they chose to attend the Infrastructure Masterclass in-house Signature Seminar include:

“I wanted to learn more about public tendering process”

“I am weak on some procurement best practices”

And one of our favourites…

“My boss told me to. I am not sure why because I don’t normally do this work but I guess she is going to have me do this in the future”

Sounds like someone just took the first step towards a new career (whether they like it or not)!

What Was Learned?

Best Practices in Procurement & How to Face Unique Challenges in the Construction Industry

During their 2 day seminar, some of the topics that were covered in this Signature Seminar include:

  • Foundations of competitive contracting law in Canada
  • Unique public sector obligations
  • Construction delivery options
  • Leveraging market intelligence
  • Role of bonding and sureties
  • Procurement methods
  • Evaluation strategies
  • Industry templates and resources
    and much more!

Many found this information very useful. Some even commented wishing the course had been over multiple days to cover even more content.

What Were the Best Parts?

Scenarios, Case Studies & Clearly Presented Material

Many found the best parts to be:

  • “I really enjoyed the scenarios, both in the book and discussed in class”
  • “Clearly presented material”
  • “Useful suggestions on options available eg. Notice Of Invite. Differentiating between different types”
  • “Case Studies”
  • “Understanding details of what methods to use”
  • “Opportunity to learn more about construction bidding process”
  • “I wanted to learn more about public tendering process (Bid, Bond etc.)”
  • “Contract preparation & management topics as they are part of my job”

All-in-all we had a great time with the NRCA, and are confident that true procurement value was delivered.

All claims about this course were sourced from actual comments made by participants.