PSPP 101: Procurement Essentials


In ​this ​interactive, ​self-directed ​online ​course, ​you ​will ​learn ​about ​the ​fundamental ​principles ​that ​govern ​public ​sector ​procurement ​in ​Canada.

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Accessing This Course

You ​will ​receive ​a ​follow ​up ​email ​within ​3 ​business ​days ​​with ​instructions on how ​to ​access ​this ​​course. ​If ​you ​do ​not ​receive ​this ​email, ​please ​contact ​us at 888-990-7267 ​for ​assistance.

Once you gain access to PSPP 101, you ​will ​have ​​6 ​months ​to ​complete ​it. ​

Allocating Your Time

The ​average ​time ​spent ​to ​complete ​PSPP 101 ​is ​8 ​hours.