PSPP 301: Putting it all Together


Prerequisites: PSPP 101, 201, 202, and 203.

Building on the skills and knowledge gained in PSPP 101, 201, 202 & 203, this interactive, peer-to-peer, online course incorporates discussions on current case studies and topics, to expand understanding and solidify key points. There are two individual assignments to be completed, and participation in discussions with a cross-Canada cohort will contribute to your overall mark.

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Accessing This Course

You ​will ​receive ​a ​follow ​up ​email ​1 ​week ​prior ​to ​the ​course ​start ​date ​with ​instructions ​to ​access ​this ​online ​course. ​If ​you ​do ​not ​receive ​this ​email, ​please ​contact ​us ​for ​assistance at 888-990-7267.

Allocating Your Time...

This ​online ​course ​takes ​place ​over ​a ​4 ​week ​period ​with ​participants ​contributing ​to ​weekly ​discussions ​and ​submitting ​2 ​written ​assignments. ​If ​you ​require ​a ​detailed ​schedule ​of ​participation ​expectations ​before ​registering, ​please ​contact ​us. ​The ​average ​time ​spent ​to ​complete ​the ​course ​is ​8 ​hours ​per ​week; ​this ​may ​vary ​depending ​on ​the ​participant.

Optional Introduction w/ Instructor

An optional half-hour live session is scheduled for the first day of the course. If the first day falls on a stat holiday, the live session will be on Day 2.

This half-hour live session will ​provide ​learners ​with ​an ​opportunity ​to:

  • Meet ​your ​instructor ​and ​cohort
  • Become ​familiar ​with ​the ​new ​delivery ​structure ​and ​forum
  • Tips ​for ​successful ​participation
  • Q ​and ​A

​Mandatory Prerequisites

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