PSPP 101: Public Sector Procurement Essentials

In this interactive online course, participants learn about the fundamental principles that govern public-sector procurement in Canada. This course is highly recommended as a prerequisite for the PSPP Certificate Program.  Course description.

We explain :

  • The processes, law and specific nuances that can affect procurement activities
  • The key legal differences between regular contract law and competitive contracting law
  • Duties and obligations of purchasers and suppliers during a competitive process are also explored.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the fundamental sources of public sector procurement principles and objectives, including trade agreements, legislation and organizational policies
  • Differentiate between regular contract law and competitive contract law
  • Review available procurement methods and tools, including market assessment and prequalification options
  • Be aware of the risks of negligence claims, and the importance of controlling who provides information to respondents
  • Adopt best practices by capturing and incorporating lessons learned
  • Define copyright, moral rights and other key legal principles that influence public-sector procurement
  • Describe the steps necessary to obtain approvals to proceed with a procurement
  • Recognize the key steps of the solicitation and award phase of procurement, including proper handling, safekeeping and opening of bids and proposals
  • Describe the key steps in the managing and evaluation phase of procurement

Expected Outcomes

Participants will understand the key steps in effectively planning any public sector procurement, as well as how to obtain approvals to proceed and key areas of risk when conducting the solicitation process. At a high level, they will identify the important components of any solicitation document and resulting contract, and learn about obligations to maintain appropriate and complete documentation in procurement files.

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Learner Comments

I can look up definitions but understanding how to apply it what I was looking for. It was great!

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