PSPP 201: Planning


PSPP 201: Planning is an interactive online course delivered over 4 weeks and includes weekly live online sessions with an expert procurement instructor (in-house delivery available by request). PSPP 201 will give you a detailed understanding of the steps, considerations and documentation needed to ensure adequate planning is done for procurement and contracting processes.

Furthermore, you’ll be shown why conducting a thorough market assessment when preparing a procurement plan is important, how to select the most appropriate solicitation methodology, and how to minimize risk when setting up the evaluation and selection process.

The elements of a basic business case are discussed, along with cost benefit analysis considerations. Key legal issues (eg. intellectual property, conflict of interest, etc) are explored, as well as the importance of maintaining good vendor relationships throughout the procurement and contract management cycle.

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PSPP 101 (highly recommended)

Course Dates

Please note: limited spots available.

I liked the weekly online sessions because it allowed me to meet and participate with other students, and work as a team to get answers to questions related to the course material.

PSPP 201 provided me with a wealth of information. One of the biggest takeaways I learned is to do your homework thoroughly in preparing an RFP and to really consider the risk factors before releasing a request to the public.

Larry Phelan 
Manager, Facilities and Procurement – Workers Compensation Board of PEI

Learning Objectives

  • Practice how to design appropriate evaluation criteria and weighting
  • Describe the steps to obtain approvals to issue the solicitation
  • Practice conducting a needs assessment, cost benefit analysis and risk assessment
  • Review and discuss how to design a procurement strategy and process
  • Define solicitation terms
  • Discuss how to draft the Contract B framework
  • Identify best practices and legal obligations in the planning phase of procurement
  • Identify document retention requirements and other requirements to comply with corporate policy

Expected Outcomes

As a graduate of PSPP 201 Planning, you’ll understand the key steps in effectively planning any public sector procurement, how to obtain approvals to proceed, and be aware of key areas of risk when conducting the solicitation process.

You’ll learn how to identify the important components of any solicitation document and resulting contract, and understand the importance of maintaining appropriate and complete documentation in procurement files.

A Presentation About the Public Sector Procurement Program (PSPP)

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Courses in the PSPP Certificate Program

If you complete each course in the PSPP program, you will get your PSPP (Public Sector Procurement Program) Certificate, which is recognized by many public sector organizations (see our clients).

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Is PSPP 201 Planning Right for You? Find Out…

Cost for PSPP 201 is $1057 + tax, and has multiple start-dates throughout the year. If you have any questions, feel free to call us toll free at 1-888-990-7267 or send us an e-mail.

Learner Comments


PSPP 201 provided good information and included lots of examples. The case studies were excellent!

Keith Beck
Manager, Inventory & Disposal Services at City of Saskatoon

The weekly online sessions were very informative and the group sessions were very engaging, which was fantastic. I took this course to learn more about the solicitation process so I can better support my team. I plan on taking PSPP 202 next.

Chris Grover
Director of Finance, Strait Regional Centre for Education

The course materials were very relevant to my day-to-day job. The instructor was very accessible and provided a great bridge between course materials and clarifying best practices for application to my role as a Procurement Officer in the public sector.

Erin Annis
Procurement Officer, Cowichan Valley Regional District

Really enjoyed being able to work in small groups to answer questions. Was nice to be able to hear other peoples views on questions.

Dan Moreton
Accounting Clerk, District of North Sannich

Thank you so much!! I am hoping to further my career within the procurement setting. I plan on completing 203 and 301 (already have 202 and 101)

Ashleigh Aalders
Procurement Support Representative, Halifax Regional Municipality

I loved the case studies and the conversations that emerged during my weekly live online sessions.


The thing I liked most about PSPP 201, was the team breakout sessions – brainstorming and listening to other perspectives enhanced my learning in this course.


I liked that I could study at my own pace in the course of the week and I also liked the opportunity to discuss with other people taking the course.


I enjoyed that the course was a learn at your own pace with a deadline for the live sessions. I felt it kept me motivated to finish it.


I took this course to understand public procurement better. I would like to move up in my company eventually and I think this is an excellent learning tool. I plan to take PSPP202 next


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