PSPP 203: Managing and Evaluation

PSPP 203 Managing and Evaluation (PSPP 203) is an interactive online course delivered over 4 weeks and includes a live expert procurement instructor (in-house delivery available via request).

PSPP 203 will give you the skills and knowledge to manage contracts effectively and handle any performance or other issues that arise.

You’ll learn how to invoke contract remedies with minimal disruption to the contract deliverables and outcomes, and handle potential contract extensions, modifications, and renewals so that they do not create policy, legal or other risks for your organization. You’ll also explore the key legal and practical considerations for moving towards termination and transition to a new contractor or service provider.

You’ll learn how to analyze, evaluate and document contract performance, and how to ensure that file documentation provides a clear snapshot of how the contract unfolded and how any disputes or issues were resolved.

This final step in the procurement and contract management cycle covers the importance of post-contract evaluation and internal team debriefing – capturing the lessons learned to incorporate them into the planning phase of your next contract or project.

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PSPP 101 (highly recommended)

Course Dates

Please note: limited spots available. 

The information I learned in PSPP 203 was very relevant to my position. I love how PSPP 203 reflected my actual work and how I was able to implement lessons learned through group exercises during the live sessions. The monitoring piece is big at our organization and the course material was very helpful and accurate.


Learning Objectives

  • Review the importance of managing vendor relationships and explore how to apply the win/win approach to your discussions
  • Analyze strategies for designing a contract monitoring plan
  • Demonstrate how to conduct ongoing risk assessment throughout the contract term
  • Define contract governance and identify escalation provisions
  • Recognize common performance issues and remedies/incentives that can be used to help address these issues
  • Adopt ideas and best practices for continuous improvement through post-contract evaluation
  • Define proper file retention and reporting requirements

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of PSPP 203 Managing and Evaluation, you’ll have the necessary knowledge and tools for managing and evaluating contracts – the final phase of the procurement and contract management cycle.

You’ll develop techniques to effectively manage ongoing contracts and handle any issues that may arise, while sustaining positive relationships with service providers and contractors.

Lessons learned through post-contract evaluation will help you to identify areas for improvement and changes needed to processes and documents before your next procurement.

A Presentation About the PSPP Program

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Courses in the PSPP Certificate Program

If you complete each course in the PSPP program, you will get your PSPP (Public Sector Procurement Program) Certificate, which is recognized by many public sector organizations (see our clients).

You can either choose to take each course individually, or purchase our 5 course PSPP bundle and get a 20% discount. Learn more about the PSPP bundle.

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Is PSPP 203 Managing & Evaluation Right for You? Find Out…

Cost for PSPP 203 is $1057 + tax, and has multiple start-dates throughout the year. If you have any questions, feel free to call us toll free at 1-888-990-7267 or send us an e-mail.

Learner Comments


“I really enjoyed being able to discuss what we were learning in our breakout groups and really appreciated the course materials which included sample contract clauses, definitions, etc that I could look back on when needed.”

Stacy Donald
Executive Assistant & Contract Administrator, City of Castlegar

“I took this course to enhance my knowledge in public procurement. The course has given me structure to the things I do on a day to day basis and also provided me with real life examples.”

Chady Chidiac
Dalhousie University

“I love the format of self-learning with an in-class (online) portion. It is nice to hear the opinions of others that are in a similar role but work for a different sector. I took this course to enhance my knowledge of public procurement.

I plan on taking PSPP 201 and 301 next to complete the certification.”

Eric Drouin
Gestionnaire en approvisionnement, Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien


“It’s great that NECI offers these courses for those of us who live in smaller communities and don’t have the means to travel to take courses. Would love to see more courses offered as I have gained a lot of good insight into what needs to be ‘beefed up’ in my contracts.”

Stacy Donald
Executive Assistant & Contract Administrator, City of Castlegar

“I really enjoyed the online component of the course. My instructor was very knowledgeable and her reputation in the procurement field is very highly regarded, so I knew I was receiving good advice. “

Donna Costin
Capital Regional District of Victoria

“The Public Sector Procurement Program 203 gave me the opportunity to learn about innovative best practices being used by other government organizations.”


“I liked that it was easy to relate back to my current position. Most information is applicable to my ongoing procurement projects.”


“I like the break out sessions where you are able to meet and learn from other peoples’ real life experience. Very applicable and hands on”


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