PSPP 301: Procurement Practice – Putting it all Together

Procurement Practice – Putting it all Together

Building on the skills and knowledge gained in PSPP 101, 201, 202 & 203, this interactive, peer-to-peer, online course incorporates discussions on current case examples and topics, to expand understanding and solidify key points. There are two individual assignments to be completed and submitted, and participation in the discussion contributes to participants’ overall mark for the course.

Over the four weeks of the course, participants are expected to spend 7 to 8 hours per week completing their assignments while carrying out their regular workload. Participants will learn how to budget time and to put into practice examples and illustrations they learned during the program.

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PSPP 101, 201, 202 and 203.

Course Dates

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze common procurement scenarios and recommend an appropriate course of action
  • Differentiate between effective and ineffective procurement strategies
  • Research advanced procurement strategies and assess the value for your organization
  • Reflect on your own practice and identify areas for further development
  • Identify networking and continuing education opportunities

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform effectively during all phases of the procurement and contract management cycle.

You will have reviewed and reflected on the key components of each step of the cycle and practiced the skills learned in levels 1 and 2 through interactive discussions and written assignments. Upon successful completion, you will receive your Public Sector Procurement Program certificate.

A Presentation About the Public Sector Procurement Program (PSPP)

Click here to view a short presentation about how completing the PSPP program and getting your “PSPP Certificate” will benefit you.

Courses in the Accredited PSPP Certificate Program

If you complete each course in the PSPP program, you will get your fully accredited PSPP (Public Sector Procurement Program) Certificate, which is recognized by many public sector organizations (see our clients).

Alternatively, you can choose to take each course individually, and upgrade your skill set at your convenience. Click the below images to learn more about each course.

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Learner Comments


I really liked the networking, sharing and commenting on each other papers. It was very interesting to see how different some of the ideas were and there were things I had not even thought of.

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