Best Practices in Solicitation and Award

puzzle pieces with contract and award written on themDelivery:  1 Day

Arguably the most visible phase of the procurement and contract management cycle, how you conduct the solicitation and award process can result in spectacular success for your organization, or fuel vendor suspicion and challenges which can lead to litigation and erosion of your corporate reputation in the marketplace.

This one day classroom session is designed for the seasoned professional looking for an update, refresher and new strategies for increasing the value received from competitive solicitation processes. Through inter-active case study discussions and small group exercises, learners will increase their knowledge and skills related to more complex procurement situations, and gain a deeper understanding of the important role played by subject-matter experts on higher level projects.

Learning Objectives

  • Using real-life examples, evaluate how prequalification, draft RFPs and multi-stage procurements can be used to improve procurement outcomes
  • Explore strategies you can employ at the solicitation stage to avoid contract scope creep
  • Develop approaches for evaluating mandatory and weighted requirements
  • Recognize conflict of interest and bias that can affect your evaluation team and process
  • Identify the importance of conducting a fair and open process for handling vendor complaints in a professional manner
  • Examine strategies for handling front-runner discussions, recognizing and avoiding bid shopping, and spotting bid-rigging schemes
  • Review procurement document retention requirements and the role of auditors


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