Essentials of Contract Law

Essentials of Contract Law Delivery:  1 Day

Procurement and contract management professionals need to know about key areas of contract law in Canada including the differences between regular contract law and the laws of competitive bidding, and that is what this in-depth one-day course covers. Participants will examine the legal obligations unique to public-sector professionals, as well as those common to all sectors, and explore the laws surrounding agency and information rights, including copyright and confidentiality. They will review the laws governing collusion and bid-rigging, including patterns to watch for, and apply lessons learned through interactive case-study discussions. Throughout the course, participants will document key findings and lessons learned, so that they can apply them in their work.  Course Description

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss Canada’s legal system and pivotal procurement case law
  • Identify the elements of a legally binding contract
  • Differentiate between regular contract law and competitive contract law and analyze the relationship between Contract A and Contract B
  • Recognize the legal duties of owners and respondents during a competitive solicitation process
  • Distinguish between binding and non-binding solicitation processes
  • Recognize the implications of acting as an agent for your organization
  • Review copyright and confidentiality considerations when contracts include proprietary information
  • Examine strategies to avoid liability, conflict of interest and bid-rigging


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