Evaluating Procedural Fairness in Procurement

Delivery:  1 Day

Suppliers dedicate considerable effort and resources responding to a procurement process. They expect to be treated equally and policies and procedures to be carried out objectively. If suppliers feel they have been treated unfairly, they may challenge the validity of your process, which can cost your organization time and money and severely damage your reputation in the supplier community.

In this interactive one-day course, you will explore fairness issues that commonly arise during procurement processes. Using real-life examples, you will practice evaluating whether procedural unfairness occurred and form recommendations to reduce the risk of fairness challenges in future.  Course description


Learning Objectives

  • Recognize common fairness issues that arise during procurement processes.
  • Practice identifying procedural unfairness in procurement processes.
  • Determine what recommendations for policy and procedural changes might be relevant in various situations where fairness is an issue.


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