Getting Results from Negotiations Using the Integrative Approach

Business team communicating during breakDelivery:  1 Day

During this one-day skills-based course, participants will explore the theory and practice the skills they need to conduct interest-based negotiations that will preserve and enhance relationships while resolving some of the most difficult contracting challenges. They will also come to understand other approaches to negotiation, so they can determine which approach is most appropriate for any given circumstance, and they will be better equipped to handle those who may not subscribe to the integrative approach model. Participants will examine their own natural conflict style and come to understand the importance of being able to adapt their style to the dispute and personalities involved. In doing so, they will be better able help their organization – and their supplier relationships – improve and move forward. Following this course, participants will know how to conduct a routine procurement negotiation using the interest-based approach.  Course description.


Learning Objectives

  • Define integrative negotiations and realize the benefits of this negotiation approach.
  • Identify where negotiations falls along the dispute resolution spectrum.
  • Explore when the integrative negotiation approach is appropriate and when it is not.
  • Examine the integrative negotiation model.
  • Develop communication techniques to create and sustain discussions and understanding.
  • Discover personal conflict style and discuss how to move that personal style closer to a collaborative approach.
  • Develop techniques to deal effectively with emotions during negotiations.
  • Practice integrative negotiations using common procurement and contract management scenarios.


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