Managing and Evaluating Contract Performance

evaluation of contract performance checklist Delivery:  1-Day

Too often, contracts go awry because of insufficient management, lack of communication and
failure to address difficulties head on. This one-day course explores these stumbling blocks
in-depth and arms participants with proven techniques and the confidence to anticipate and
mitigate common problems before they arise, and to deal with any issues that do emerge in a
professional and effective way.  Course Description

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the difference between relationship management and contract management
  • Discuss the communication and negotiation skills needed to maintain effective relationships with contractors
  • Identify strategies for handling vendor complaints and debriefings
  • Practice setting performance expectations and drafting key performance indicators
  • Practice incorporating incentives and remedies using the “Carrots and Sticks” model to drive performance
  • Assess performance issues’ contributing factors by conducting a root case analysis
  • Develop techniques to address performance issues without terminating the contract
  • Discuss dispute resolution, escalation and termination provision
  • Discuss how to conduct formal contract evaluations intermittently throughout the contract cycle
  • Demonstrate how to use post-contract evaluations to improve future RFx processes


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