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Reduce Risks & Lower Costs

Do you want to improve procurement efficiency within your organization and reduce the risk of litigation and other vendor challenges?

Retiring baby boomers, a tsunami of federal infrastructure funding and the constantly changing legal and trade agreement landscape is pushing municipal procurement teams to their limits. Now is the time to make sure that elected officials and municipal managers are working together to maximize the expected value from tax dollar spending.

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“We were heading into a busy period – which included major capital projects – and identified the need for procurement training. NECI’s Municipal Training Program created a great opportunity for synergies across all levels and departments of the City, and provided a basis for future progression and success in our project development.”

Lisa Pryce
Senior Manager, Procurement – City of Abbotsford

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The Solution: Get Elected Officials and Municipal Managers on the Same Page

To address this pressing need, we have created a special all-inclusive municipal training package to help ensure elected officials and municipal managers are on the same page.

Part One: Procurement Essentials for Elected Officials

Two Hour Delivery

Mayor and Council are responsible for providing oversight to ensure that procurement processes are conducted fairly, legally and within corporate policy. This interactive course provides a high level overview of the foundational laws behind competitive contracting, key trade agreement obligations and strategies for reducing the potential for allegations of bias, vendor challenges and lawsuits. Participants will identify the high-risk procurement activities in their own organization and discover strategies to mitigate those risks.

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Part Two: Procurement Essentials for Municipal Staff

Half-Day Delivery

During this fast-paced interactive session participants will identify and explore the sources of municipal procurement principles and objectives, and define the various processes and tools for approaching the market. They will also examine specific strategies to address some of the particularly high risk areas, such as neutralizing the incumbent advantage, planning for renewal and extension options and ensuring compliance with new trade treaty obligations. The focus is on practical tips and strategies to help ensure a seamless and challenge-free process that delivers the maximum expected value each time.


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