Negotiable RFPs: Strategies for Successful Binding and Non-Binding Processes

Strategy-2Delivery:  1 Day

During this interactive one-day course, participants will explore the differences between binding and non-binding procurement processes and analyze the critical considerations they will need to take into account when making this pivotal procurement decision. They will come to understand the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the legal implications, of each approach, and examine sample contract and RFx language in use in Canada. Through exploration of different negotiation strategies, they will be able to structure procurement processes that maximize leverage while preserving vendor and supplier relationships.  Course Description



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Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between binding and non-binding procurement
  • Analyze factors that drive the decision to step outside Contract A and choose a non-binding procurement process
  • Explain the unique public sector concerns when using non-binding procurement processes
  • Evaluate non-binding RFx examples
  • Determine strategies for including contract negotiations within a binding and non-binding process
  • Consider the most appropriate negotiations approach for your operating environment and specific procurement

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