Procurement Essentials for Executives

Delivery:  2-Hour or Half-Day

Executives and senior management provide oversight to ensure that procurement processes are conducted fairly, legally and within corporate policy. This course provides a high-level overview of the foundational laws behind competitive contracting, identifies key risk areas in the procurement process and outlines the critical role that executives play in ensuring that their organization receives maximum value from procurement activities. Participants will identify the high-risk procurement activities in their own organization and discover strategies to mitigate those risks.  Course Description

Audience:  Executives, senior management, and officials who provide governance for the procurement process and/or oversee a procurement team.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the laws of competitive contracting
  • Identify high-risk areas in the procurement process
  • Discover tips to avoid supplier challenges and claims of unfairness
  • Consider how to avoid allegations of preference, bias, and conflict of interest
  • Outline strategies to avoid personal and corporate liability
  • Highlight the appropriate role for executives during the procurement process


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