Successful Contracting: Planning, Managing and Evaluation

Red Pen and ChecklistDelivery:  1 Day

During this fast-paced, interactive one-day course, participants will explore key steps in each phase of the procurement and contract management cycle – from planning, right through to post-contract evaluation – to capture lessons learned, for continuous improvement. From defining the need and designing the procurement process, to having difficult conversations to resolve contract disputes, the focus is on practical tips and strategies to help ensure a seamless and challenge-free process that delivers the maximum expected value each time.

Following this course, participants will be able to conduct a routine procurement, following the procurement and contract management cycle. Course Description


Learning Objectives

  • Identify and document the business need
  • Prepare the procurement strategy
  • Identify the steps and considerations in conducting a fair and defensible evaluation process
  • Illustrate the process to document the contract award decision and notify respondents
  • Discuss the steps involved in finalizing Contract B
  • Practice selecting appropriate contract performance monitoring tools and techniques


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