Skill Builders Contract Drafting Online Procurement Training

Skill Builders contract drafting online procurement training will give you the skills to effectively manage the contract drafting process

 Convenient 100% Online Contract Drafting Procurement Training

As part of your procurement planning you must consider the key terms, conditions and structure of the resulting performance contract.

For this Skill Builder, we have carefully selected the most relevant, frequently litigated and problematic issues related to contract drafting.

The following online modules allow you to work at your own pace, right from your desk — or from home — and immediately apply the concepts and skills you learn to ensure your next contract drafting process gets better results.

The Contract Drafting Skill Builders Bundle costs $459 (+tax) and includes approximately 7 hours of online self-directed learning.

“The Contract Drafting Bundle was convenient to do online at my own pace. Although it was challenging to get time away from my work, I found it very valuable. I could easily overview topics and it was handy to review on my own time when possible. I appreciated how affordable this course was! Please offer more/similar courses online like this!”


Contract Drafting Modules

The Contract Drafting Skill Builders Bundle includes the following interactive, self-directed ‘hot topic’ modules:

Contract Drafting Structure
squiggly messy lines passing through bullseye coming out the other side as straight cleanly defined arrowsContracts come in many shapes and forms but most have a standard structure and sections to help you organize the information to include. You need to understand the administrative, business and legal requirements of your contract structure and its components before you get started drafting each piece.
Scope Statements
handshake The scope statement is an integral part of the contract and guides the work to be done. It sets expectations and allows you to hold the contractor to the standards set out. Practice developing clear and effective scope statements and incorporating appropriate scope management tools into your contracts.
Risk Management
a measurement device with two prongs showing distance between two parts, in the centre is the word riskEvery contract carries risk—there is no getting around it. However, with foresight and the right tools, you can plan effectively for risk and minimize much of its impact. Learn to recognize the high risk areas when drafting contracts and practical mitigations strategies to address those risks.
Intellectual Property, Security and Confidentiality
You’ve coa copywright symbol infront of a padlock lockntracted for a product, but that doesn’t automatically ensure you have the right to change it, reproduce it, resell it, or share it. Learn how to identify your intellectual property (IP) assignment needs, and the tools to include in the contract to sign over IP rights as part of the contract.
Performance Management
three arrows drawn by man in suit each at various levels of increasing height Contracts can quickly go sideways if you neglect to actively manage performance. Make sure the tools and strategies to keep the contract on track are built into the contract so you have what you need to address issues head on when they arise. And, learn how to identify shortcomings so you can improve the performance management provisions in your next contract.
Relationship Management
5 people overlapping their hands in a circle Successful contract outcomes rely heavily on your dealings with contractors. Maintaining positive working relationships requires people skills and a fair deal of effort— learn the tools and provisions you can build into the contract to help guide the relationship along the way.
Practical Drafting Tips
female procurement professional looking at illustration of lightbulb hanging from ceiling Aside from the legal and business considerations when drafting a contract, there are also practical considerations. You need a well thought out process to draft the contract and finalize terms once you have selected your successful proponent. You need to make sure the contract is clear, communicates the necessary information, and incorporates the contractor’s promises from their proposal.

Professional Designation Maintenance Credit

Most professional designations include a maintenance program to ensure members are staying up to date in their field.  Log credits with NECI’s programs while participating in relevant and meaningful training that supports professional performance.

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