​Larry Berglund, on behalf of NECI, recently facilitated a social procurement session for the World Bank staff in Washington DC on March 14th.

Although only 10 people were able to attend due to COVID-19, another 60+ staff attended through the online connections – including staff from China and Viet Nam. The content and discussions really resonated with the audience and a subsequent Q&A session was very robust.

As the World Bank initiates its global social procurement strategy they face many of the common barriers other jurisdictions face including the misunderstanding of potential costs, inadequate capacity of social entrepreneurs, insufficient access to resources, and difficulties ensuring contract compliance. Despite the challenges, the group was clearly able to recognize the benefits of value for money through sound public procurement practices that result in increased employment for individuals with barriers, and the broad implications of this social return on investment.”

The NECI Social Procurement Webinar on April 21st will discuss the challenges and opportunities this progressive approach to public spending brings to the table, including trade agreement enablers and the dramatic impact that the economic multiplier effect has on local economies.

Join us as we explore a pragmatic framework for implementing social procurement practices in organizations just like yours.

Put it in your schedule now – let’s plan it for the planet!